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An Invitation to Watch Czech TV

Reportáž na ČT Déčko

You are invited to watch a report shot by the Czech TV’s D channel on the Harmonie Foundation project at the Kořenského elementary school during a training. The report will be shown in the Zprávičky program at 6:40 p.m. on Friday, October 23. Read More »

Our Orchestra in the Rudolfinum on November 17, 2015

Concert Marking the Students Day, also featuring Harmonie Foundation Orchestra, will be held in Prague’s Rudolfinum at 7:30 p.m. on November 17, 2015. Other orchestras performing at the event will be: the Youth Summer Orchestra, the Trmi©kus Orchestra and students´ ensembles from all over the Czech Republic. At this year’s Concert Marking the Students´ Day we would like to introduce you ... Read More »

New School Year at the Kořenského elementary school and in Klánovice

Lessons of the string orchestra of the Kořenského elementary school under the baton of Chuhei Iwasaki started on September 15. Rehearsals are held three times a week (TUE 14:45-17:00, WED 14:00-16:15, THUR 14:45-17:00) and are destined for all the current members and pupils of the second to fifth grades who have just joined us. We have also newly opened lessons ... Read More »

Ivo Kahánek at a press conference on September 22

Commenting on the Harmonie Foundation at a press conference on September 22, our patron Ivo Kahánek said: ”I am greatly honoured and pleased to be part of the El Sistema project, which changes children’s lives through music. The principle of music education through playing in an orchestra brings together children from different social strata, who would have otherwise never come ... Read More »

Harmonie Foundation Teachers

Our teachers, professional musicians, outstanding personalities, are known to impart to children their knowledge, sharing their attitude to music, to their musical instrument, teaching them the best way of using their energy. They explain to them that it is only up to them what they’ll eventually achieve in their lives… the path is important, not only the goal. Read More »

Ivo Kahánek

When we approached Mr. Kahánek with an offer to consider his eventual role as a patron of the Harmonie Foundation project, we wanted to introduce to him the project in greater detail, to acquaint him with El Sistema, its philosophy, and key ideas, to give him evidence that music can change the lives of children… Ivo Kahánek did not need ... Read More »

Ivo Kahánek and Dvořák´s Prague

Ivo Kahánek

September 9, 2015 Dvořák´s Prague, Anežský klášter, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, ANTONÍN DVOŘÁK (also grandson, Antonín Dvořák IIIrd), Franz Schubert and IVO KAHÁNEK – an amazing evening featuring this piano virtuoso, curator of the chamber series of the International Music Festival DVOŘÁK´s PRAGUE and patron of the Harmonie Foundation. We will be honoured to sign a Memorandum on cooperation with Mr. ... Read More »

Tomáš Kratochvíl

Little Tomáš is a pupil of the Grafická elementary school in Prague 5, where our project has also been promoted. Since his keen interest in playing the violin continues unabated he now comes to the Kořenského elementary school to play the violin two hours three times a week. First he rehearses violin playing in a group, while other children play ... Read More »

SEYO – Youth Orchestra Summer Camp 2015

It got off the ground on Friday, August 21! Over 200 musicians from 20 countries came to Milan to join the SEYO – Youth Orchestra Summer Camp 2015 in Italy. The following Harmonie Foundation teachers: Růženka Dvořáková – viola, Anežka Kyselková – violoncello, Alexander Hledík and Bartlomiej Bieliński – violin will also be attending the event for the first time ... Read More »