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Are You a Fan of the Harmonie Foundation? Then you can kindly support us by shopping in your favourite e-shops! Did you know that now you can also help our foundation by simply shopping on the Internet? Harmonie Foundation has joined the GIVT project that supports non-profit organizations and sports clubs. It is enough if you just do your regular ... Read More »

Side by Side 2016

Side by Side 2016. Later this year, the children of the Harmonie Foundation Orchestra will go to Sweden for the second time in its history to attend a global music youth camp! The children will have a great opportunity to meet new friends, musicians, and try out rehearsals and a concert performance with hundreds of other children from all over ... Read More »

Piano concert

Piano concert: Ivo Kahánek, 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24, 2016 in the Nová Beseda community centre at Klánovice Program of Ivo Kahánek´s concert in the Nová Beseda community centre to be held at 7:00 p.m. on February 24, 2016: W. A. Mozart: Sonata in C major, KV 330 L. Janáček: On an Overgrown Path, Book I (selection) F. Chopin: ... Read More »

Document on the El Sistema Project

The Czech Television has produced a documentary on the El Sistema project. The Harmonie Foundation with its Orchestra is involved in the project here in the Czech Republic. A short sample of the planned documentary can be viewed in a recording of a report broadcast by the Czech TV´s ČT24 channel at 2:05 p.m. on December 30, 2015: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/10101491767-studio-ct24/215411058281230 The ... Read More »

This Year’s Last Meeting of the Klánovice Section of the Harmonie Foundation Orchestra

Dec. 21, 2015 saw this year’s last get-together of the Klánovice section of the Harmonie Foundation Orchestra, attended by some of the parents and siblings of the young musicians. School’s headmaster Mr. Černý and his deputy Mrs. Jolana Fuchsová also came to see and hear us. But yesterday’s perfromance was slightly different… we were saying good-bye to the just ending ... Read More »

The Harmonie Foundation Orchestra gave its last concert this year at the Christmas Singing event at the Kořenského elementary school.

Ivo Kahánek, piano virtuoso and patron of the Harmonie Foundation, also came to support us. The performance of the orchestra itself as well as its joint performance with the Kořenského elementary school’s choir Fontána was a great success. Our musicians with their teachers and conductors have done a very good job; they also had a very busy period recently: November ... Read More »

Final Rehearsal for the Advent Benefit Concert

A minor (amateur) preview from the final rehearsal of the performance in Prague’s Bethlehem Chapel on December 4 at the beginning of the Advent benefit concert IVO KAHÁNEK and HIS GUESTS. The concert was broadcast on-line by the Czech TV’s iBroadcasts and should still be viewed here: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10000000228-adventni-beneficni-koncert-ivo-kahanka-a-jeho-hostu-2015/21525400064, eventually under the name of the program in the archives of the ... Read More »

Advent Benefit Concert Quiz

There is only 1 day left before the benefit concert IVO KAHÁNEK AND HIS GUESTS. This is your last opportunity of winning two tickets for this excellent cultural, social and charity event! Compositions by F. Chopin, C. Debussy, F. Schubert and A. Dvořák will be heard at the concert. All the people we have introduced to you in the past ... Read More »

Advent Benefit Concert Quiz

There are 2 days left before the concert IVO KAHÁNEK AND HIS GUESTS. Starting in the 2015/16 season, Tomáš Jamník (http://www.tomasjamnik.cz/), Ivo Kahánek´s guest at the benefit concert in the Bethlehem Chapel, is the Art Director of the Academy for Chamber Music, an institution that has been closely collaborating with the German foundation Villa Musica and which is systematically engaged ... Read More »