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Touring Exhibition of Photographs at Klánovice

The travelling photography exhibition called “From the Life of the Harmonie Foundation“ is on display in the Nová Beseda community centre at Klánovice, opening on Monday, January 9 and ending on February 15. The original idea was to cap the exhibition with a concert given by Ivo Kahánek; regrettably the concert had to be postponed until May 30, 2017 due to reconstruction of the hall at Nová Beseda. But the photographs are already on display and you are invited to choose and buy any of the pictures, thus supporting our orchestra. If you happen to miss the display at Klánovice, you may like to know that, after leaving Klánovice, the exhibition will come back to the city-centre premises of the impressive Art Nouveau Palace Hotel Prague in Panská Street.

“From the Life of the Harmonie Foundation”

  • January 9 – February 15, 2017
  • Nová Beseda Community Centre Klánovice
  • Slavětínská Street 120, Prague-Klánovice

At the exhibition, you can see photographs taken by many different authors who spent time with us at the rehearsals, concerts, during our foreign trip as well as during our everyday life without music.

We will be happy if you support our activities by making a contribution into our moneybox or by purchasing some of the pictures.

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