If everybody visiting our site contributed one donor SMS a month, two more children’s orchestras would be playing in the Czech Republic changing the life of their members for the better.

Children´s Orchestra at Kořenského elementary school

Our foundation had been operating at the Kořenského elementary school in Prague 5 since October 2014. The orchestra comprised  20 children of 5 different nationalities. Under the leadership of experienced music teachers the children learned to play the violin, viola or violoncello. Two-hour lessons were held three times each week – one-hour rehearsal in groups of individual instruments and one-hour joint orchestra rehearsal. The orchestra had given many public performances (Christmas and Spring Concert at the ZŠ Kořenského, performance at the NGO Market, performance at a commemorative rally at Lety u Písku etc.). In June 2015 the children successfully attended a Side by Side camp in the Swedish town of Göteborg for the first time, where they met small musicians from all over the world and performed in an orchestra consisting of more than 600 players.

Our activites have been moved to a new school ZŠ and MŠ Barrandov also in Prague 5 starting the school year 2022/2023.