If everybody visiting our site contributed one donor SMS a month, two more children’s orchestras would be playing in the Czech Republic changing the life of their members for the better.

How to contribute

You can support us in one of the ways described below:

1/ Direct financial support of music instruction

Bank connection: 

Number of collection account: 107-6314230287 / 0100

Interesting items
  • An El Sistema-type orchestra should number at least 40 children-musicians, i.e. at least 40 instruments (24 violins, 8 violas, 8 violoncellos, 1 double-bass). The purchasing price of all the instruments for one orchestra of this type is approximately CZK 400,000.
  • Children rehearse for two hours three times a week; one month of instruction for one child costs the Harmonie Foundation approximately CZK 2,000.
  • Children start rehearsing 3 compositions, first by imitation, but they also learn the fundaments of music, receiving more and more musical notations. As many as 120 sheets of music paper are printed a month.
  • The orchestra gives its performances free of charge; the children are taken to such events by bus; in addition to a trainer, children are also accompanied by a teacher from their school and receive refreshment.
  • Did you know that for instance a violoncello travelling by air or bus must have its own air or bus ticket?
  • Children are prepared for their first public performance already after 3-months training. First they perform in front of their classmates, friends and parents at school, but the demanding nature of their public is rising, and also the venues and concert halls are selected in an effort to keep the children motivated.

2/ Purchase or donation of a musical instrument

  • violin,
  • viola or
  • violoncello

We have children of different ages, and that is why we need musical instruments (violin, viola, violoncello) of all sizes, as well as bows, strings, violin bridges, cases and accessories for regular instrument maintenance.

3/ Donation via Darujme.cz

4/ Placing our collection box

Help us by placing our collection box in your facility. The dimensions of the box are 15 x 15 x 15cm; boxes should be preferrably situated within sight.

Permission of the Harmonie Foundation to organize collection

5/ Let others know about us

Do you like our project? Would you like to support it? Any kind of your assistance will be appreciated:
Be our fans on Facebook and other social networks, share our news with your friends, send us a donor SMS, help us in presenting our foundation at your own social event: our Harmonie Quartet will come to play for you, your friends, colleagues, and your family members.
Have you come to the conclusion that you actually happen to have everything and do not need anything else? That you have no answer to the perennial question: “What shall I give you this Christmas?” How about suggesting to your friends the idea of supporting the Harmonie Foundation Orchestra instead of shopping around for “practical gifts”?

6/ What else can you help us with?

  • Note stand – one stand for two children
  • Paper for printing and copying note scores
  • Graphics (leaflets, webpages, PR materials)
  • PR
  • Fundraising


Thank you for your help!