If everybody visiting our site contributed one donor SMS a month, two more children’s orchestras would be playing in the Czech Republic changing the life of their members for the better.
  • "Children are like mushrooms – everything they absorb remains in them. Developing children’s talent has nothing but positives; parents do not have to fear that their kids will get bored and start roaming about the streets not knowing what else to do. So, let’s start to develop the talents of our kids even though they may not grow to be great musicians instantly."

    Simona Stašová, Czech actress, patron of the Harmonie Foundation

  • Advent benefit concert IVO KAHÁNEK AND HIS GUESTS

  • Advent benefit concert IVO KAHÁNEK AND HIS GUESTS

  • Advent benefit concert IVO KAHÁNEK AND HIS GUESTS

  • Advent benefit concert IVO KAHÁNEK AND HIS GUESTS

  • "I welcome the establishment of the Harmonie Foundation. While enormous sums are donated to various sports clubs, and classical music is becoming the Cinderella of the arts, similar efforts are extremely beneficial. I keep my fingers crossed for you."

    Josef Suk, outstanding Czech violinist and viola player, great grandson of Antonín Dvořák

  • "Let us reveal to our children the beauty of music and music shall reveal to our children the beauty of life."

    José Antonio Abreu,
    founder of the music education program El Sistema

  • "There is a saying: ´Every Czech is a musician.´ If we give Sistema to our children the saying will be true again."

    Milada Cholujová, founder of the the Harmonie Foundation

  • "Art speaks on behalf of people, nations, humankind."

    Josef Čapek

  • "I gladly became a patron of the Harmonie Foundation because I know the program as a well-known (and, in some countries, even fashionable) phenomenon of our time. But more importantly, I know that it has really worked in every country where it was launched, and famous musicians have become its patrons. And, it is my great honor and pleasure to join them as a patron of the Czech program."

    Ivo Kahánek, piano virtuoso, patron of the Harmonie Foundation

  • "Whenever I listen to a children’s orchestra, I learn. They feel everything, they enjoy everything, and they have amazing energy. I continue to work for this project (El Sistema), as it is very important for my country as well as for the world."

    Gustavo Dudamel, world-famous conductor

  • Side by Side, Sweden 2015.
    We were part of an orchestra with six hundred children from all over the world.

  • "El Sistema is a program of social change through music. Every child gets an opportunity to show that he or she can reach anything they want if they work and practice hard. "
    Reynaldo Trombetta, Sistema England

Just like El Sistema, the Harmonie Foundation, too, believes that music can change children’s lives. This is why the foundation has brought the world-acclaimed project, which connects excellent musicians with children, to the Czech Republic. The Harmonie Foundation establishes children’s orchestras and engages children in a free instrumental group instruction under a professional leadership.

The project was launched by Maestro José Antonio Abreu in Venezuela forty years ago.

At present hundreds of El Sistema-inspired projects exist all over the world.

The Sistema Europe Network was established in February 2012. The Harmonie Foundation is one of its founding members.

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