If everybody visiting our site contributed one donor SMS a month, two more children’s orchestras would be playing in the Czech Republic changing the life of their members for the better.

Ivo Kahánek

When we approached Mr. Kahánek with an offer to consider his eventual role as a patron of the Harmonie Foundation project, we wanted to introduce to him the project in greater detail, to acquaint him with El Sistema, its philosophy, and key ideas, to give him evidence that music can change the lives of children… Ivo Kahánek did not need to hear anything of that kind, he had already known everything, and he only added: ”After all, this is a well-known thing, we were taught about the project at the conservatory…” and he went on to list all the positive values music brings to life, and not only of children. Then he said: ”I will be honoured to stand side by side with other musicians who spread these ideas…” We are also honoured that he has become our patron!